Come and be a part of our inaugural cast! Dubai Parks and Resorts is having auditions for
Singers, Dancers, Actors, Character Look-A-Likes, Costumed Characters, Bollywood Singers and Dancers, Bollywood Actors, Stilt Performers, Specialty Acts, Musicians, Trampoline/Hip Hop Dancers,
and much much more!


More cities and dates will be announced soon.
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NO Auditions Are Currently Scheduled

While no auditions are currently scheduled, we are always accepting submissions at auditions@dp-r.com. Please email CV/Resume, Headshots, and Video Links. Preferred links are Vimeo or YouTube.

Please email auditions@dp-r.com

Dubai Parks and Resorts will become the Middle East’s largest multi-themed leisure and entertainment destination comprising three separate theme parks and one water park: motiongate™ Dubai, a Hollywood movie inspired theme park concept; LEGOLAND® Dubai, the first LEGOLAND® theme park in the Middle East; LEGOLAND® Water Park; and Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, a first-of-its-kind entertainment destination that will showcase an exciting Bollywood movie experience. The development will also host Lapita™ Autograph Collection® Hotels, a Polynesian themed resort and Riverland™ Dubai, a centrally located retail, dining, and entertainment district connecting the three theme parks and hotel.



Live shows at the park will be inspired by the inimitable iconic stars of Bollywood and sizzle the stage with ‘item numbers’, folksy fun medleys, ‘tapori’ Mumbai styles, contemporary dance fusion and much much more!!

Rock On!!

A band will be created with lead male and lead female singers who sing in Hindi and English, musicians who play the drums, guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. Artists with multiple performance capabilities will be given preference.

Character Look-a-likes

We are looking for character look-a-likes from the movies Ra-One, Dabangg, Lagaan, Sholay, Don (the remake), Krrish, Rock On, Mughal E Azam and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.
We’re also interested in characters not featured in the above mentioned movies. Feel free to come to the actor auditions dressed as your character.

Becoming Helen

A dance medley featuring 6 female and 2 male dancers with acting skills, who bring to life songs made legendary by the original dancing queen of Bollywood – Helen.

Pehla Nasha

A contemporary dance based story that plays out a typical Bollywood potboiler performed by 3 female and 3 male dancers with acting skills.

Amchi Mumbai

Tapori style dancing that’s both typical and loveable! 4 male and 1 female dancers

Zindagi Ek Safar

A medley of songs performed by 4 male and 1 female dancer.

Gori Tera Gao

4 male and 4 female dancers with acting skills and a good command of Hindi and English are required for this village themed dance encounter.

Nautanki Sala

4 male and 4 female dancers who also have acrobatic, athletic or any other street theatre skills and are good actors will enact and dance in this village fair style production.

Monsoon Magic

8 male and 8 female dancers perform a medley of monsoon inspired Bollywood hits while actually getting drenched!

Old Is Gold

4 male and 4 female singers with dancing skills are required to showcase a series of shows featuring some of the most beloved songs from the yesteryears. Training in Hindustani classical music is a prerequisite, along with other vocal styles will be given preference.

Mad about Madhuri

8 female and 4 male dancers with kathak and other classical dance training are required to present this special tribute to Madhuri Dixit.


A dance medley that takes us through the ages of one of Bollywood’s legendary families, performed by 8 female and 4 male dancers with acting skills

Hot Sets, Street Artists and Dance Instructors

The parks streets will come alive with interactive, high energy film shoots and dance classes. 8 male and 8 female actors with contemporary dancing skills will be required for this.

Dabangg Stunt Spectacular!

  • Chulbul: gymnast parkour performer who resembles the movie character, very good acting, not afraid of heights, kung fu wushu knowledge will be an asset. Maximum height 180 centimeters.
  • Shera: A Very good actor, able to do acrobatics, Kung Fu knowledge is an asset, with the ability to dance. A Slim, muscled and dry looking gentleman with a strong personality.
  • Shorty: A stunt and Gymnast performer with parkour and the ability to dance. Kung fu knowledge is an asset. A funny personality, a tall and chubby body shape.
  • Fattu: gymnast, stunt with kung fu and wushu knowledge, good ability to dance, Strong actor. Small in size, with mid length hair. A Nervous attitude with very a expressive face.
  • Pappu: An acrobat, stunt performer with kung fu/wushu and circus knowledge ( cyr ladder option). With acting and dancing ability. Not afraid of heights. A strong body shape with a maximum height of 180 centimeters.
  • Rajo: An Actress, strong dancer who resembles the movie character. Not afraid of heights, both physically and mentally strong. Maximum height, 170 centimeters.
  • Dancers: Acrobats with dance ability. Not afraid of heights, between 160 to 170 centimeters. Acting ability preferred.


The Bollywood Musical Spectacular: an original production created and directed by Wizcraft

A cast of 12 male and 8 female actors, and 50 dancers will perform this 2 hour extravaganza daily.


Step Up Dubai:

motiongate™ Dubai presents an all-new theatrical stage production based on the Step Up film series. In this spectacular new show, we will need Singers, Dancers, and Trampoline Wall Performers.

Backlot Beat:

Backlot Beat is motiongate™ Dubai’s signature pop music group. Singing and Dancing to today’s hits, Backlot Beat requires highly skilled male and female singer/dancers.


Dr. Janosz Poha, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stanz, Dr. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore entertain resort guests. This show requires strong actors who can dance and resemble the stated characters.

How To Train Your Dragon:

Bring Berk to Dubai with the help of Hiccup and Astrid as they introduce us to their beloved friend Toothless. This show requires two live actors (Hiccup and Astrid) and a costumed character (Toothless the Nightfury Dragon).

MADAGASCAR – King Julien’s Sideshow Stomp:

In the ultimate dining party King Julien (5’3”- 5’5”), Alex the Lion (6’- 6’2”), Gloria the Hippo (6’- 6’2”), and dancers entertain our restaurant audience while they dine. This show requires dancers who can bring the energy and fun of these infamous Madagascar characters to life!

MADAGASCAR – Operation Penguin Shake:

The Penguins of Madagascar come to Dubai in the ultimate covert mission adventure that is sure to entertain resort guests. Penguins beware as the nefarious Capitaine Chantel Dubois attempts to foil their plans. This show features all four Penguins and a live actor (Chantel Dubois). • Kowalski (5’2″- 5’4″) • Private (4’10”- 5’0″) • Skipper (5’0″- 5’2″) • Rico (5’0″- 5’2″)

Kung Fu Panda Academy:

In the ultimate demonstration of Kung Fu via this show, join Master Po (5’11”- 6’) and Master Shifu as they impart their knowledge and training of Kung Fu to park guests. This show requires a puppeteer (Master Shifu) and a costumed character (Po, 5’11”- 6’).

The Smurf Village Playhouse Spectacular:

Brainy Smurf entertains Smurf Village guests. This show requires an actor who can voice the role of Brainy Smurf.

Shrek’s Far Far Away:

Fairy Godmother (live actor) is back selling her potions and working her magic on park guests who drop by for a visit.

Shrek’s Swamp:

Join Shrek, Fiona and Puss in Boots as immerse you in the world of Shrek! Costume Characters (Mascot) include: a. Shrek (6’2” – 6’4”) ; b. Ogre Fiona (5’7” – 5’9”) c. Puss In Boots (5’0” – 5’2”).

motiongate™ Dubai Backlot Film Crew:

The motiongate™ Dubai Back Lot Film Crew will shoot various scenes around the park throughout the day. The short and comedic skits will offer a peak inside the movie making business. The crew requires strong male and female improv actors.

Other Actor Roles:

  1. The Green Hornet from The Green Hornet film series.
  2. Kato from The Green Hornet film series.
  3. Selene from The Underworld film series.
  4. Flint Lockwood from the “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” films.
  5. Samantha “Sam” Sparks from the Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs films.
  6. Chef Quasimodo Wilson from the Hotel Transylvania films.
  7. motiongate™ Dubai Film Director is the self-appointed spokesperson of motiongate™ Dubai studios, the motiongate™ Dubai Film Director is a zany talent.


Other Costumed Characters (Mascots):

  1. Count Dracula (6’2”- 6’4”) from the Hotel Transylvania films.
  2. Mavis Dracula (5’7”- 5’9”) from the Hotel Transylvania films.
  3. Frankenstein (6’2”- 6’4”) from the Hotel Transylvania films.
  4. Jonathan (5’7”- 5’9”) from the Hotel Transylvania films.
  5. Murray The Mummy (5’7”- 5’9”) from the Hotel Transylvania films.
  6. Papa Smurf (5’- 5’2”) from the Smurfs popular TV series.
  7. Smurfette (5’- 5’2”) from the Smurfs popular TV series.
  8. Brainy Smurf (5’- 5’2”) from the Smurfs popular TV series.
  9. Vanity Smurf (5’- 5’2”) from the Smurfs popular TV series.


Stilt Walkers:

Additional versatile talent – Male and Female stilt walkers needed to portray various characters.


LEGOLAND Live Show Performers

LEGO® Minifigure “live action” show that brings LEGO® Minifigure puppets to life. Performers must be physically fit and possess strong movement abilitites. Previous experience with puppetry or Bunraku puppetry is preferred.

Costumed Characters (Mascots)

All LEGO® Minifigure Costume Character performers need to be between the heights of 5’2” and 5’8”. Performers will have the opportunity to bring a range of exciting characters to life, each with their own specific personalities. These will include:

  • Emmet (The LEGO® Movie)
  • Wildstyle (The LEGO® Movie)
  • Valiant Knight
  • The Beautiful Princess
  • Ninja Cole (LEGO NINJAGO®)
  • And many more!


LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations, the Minifigure, DUPLO, MINDSTORMS, NINJAGO, the LEGO Movie and LEGOLAND are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2015 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND is a part of Merlin Entertainments plc.


Riverland ™ Dubai is the gateway to Dubai Parks and Resorts, where an amazing collection of Food, Beverage and Retail concepts as well as unique entertainment await the visitors. Riverland™ Dubai consists of four distinct themed districts: The French Village, Boardwalk, India Gate and The Peninsula.

We are seeking unique and diverse talent and Specialty Acts to perform in the streets of this entertainment hub. This might include but is not limited to:

  • Comedy Juggler
  • Fire Performers/Fire Breather
  • Ventriloquist
  • Balloon Artists
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Hula-hoop Artists
  • Speed Painter
  • Slight of hand artist
  • Football Freestyler
  • Contortionist
  • Acrobat
  • Snake Charmer
  • Living/Levitating Statue
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Bubble Artists
  • Hand balancing
  • Drummers
  • Musician
  • Taiko Drummers
  • Musical Acts – Duo
  • String Quartet
  • Mimes
  • Musician (Sax Player, Violin)


  • What if I missed the auditions?

    You may apply at any time via email. Applicants must submit a current resume/CV in PDF format, photo, and a demo reel link to auditions@dp-r.com. Preferred video links are YouTube or Vimeo.

  • What do I need to be prepared for at the audition?


    Character Look-A-Likes

    Prepare a one minute comedic or upbeat monologue. Actors must possess the ability to ad-lib with theme park guests. Character actors should resemble the character of choice in look, height and personality; have a positive attitude and a good speaking voice. Feel free to come to the actor auditions dressed as your character.

    Actors & Hosts

    Prepare a one minute comedic or upbeat monologue. Actors must possess the ability to ad-lib with theme park guests. We are seeking both Western and Indian actors to interact with resort guests.

    Singers Who Move Well/Dancers Who Sing

    Please note: Singers are needed for both motiongate™ Dubai and Bollywood Parks™ Dubai. For Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, singing in Hindi and English is required. Please prepare 16 Bars of an up-tempo song. An accompanist will be provided at all vocal auditions. While some roles will only dance, all singers must have some movement ability. You will be asked to learn an extensive dance combination. Please keep in mind we are looking for high quality triple-threat performers.

    motiongate™ Hip Hop & Jazz Dancers

    Please note: For motiongate™ Dubai, non-singing dancers are only needed for Step Up Dubai and Costume Character Roles. You will be asked to learn an extensive dance combination.

    Bollywood Dancers

    Dancers for Bollywood Parks™ Dubai must be proficient in at least two styles of Indian dance as well as modern, hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary. You will be asked to learn an extensive dance combination.

    Animated Street Stars (Suit mascots)

    Candidates will need to be able to use movement to animate the costumes of our popular Hollywood characters. You will be asked to learn a movement combination. Performers from all height ranges are required but heights are very specific (see Show Descriptions page for more info).

    Powerskips & Stiltwalkers

    We need performers who are highly skilled in the art of stiltwalking. The ability to tumble is a plus. Physical stamina is essential. Please bring your own stilts to the audition


    We need both Western and Indian musicians to perform in Bollywood Parks™ Dubai. Musicians should be familiar with a broad range of contemporary musical styles as well as Hindi music music. Tabla, dholak and dhol drummers as well as harmonium players are preferred. Artists must be experienced with a high level of proficiency in their musical instrument. Please provide a video link on your audition registration form when you come to the audition as not all musicians will play at the audition. Basic acting skills are essential.

    Trampoline Performers

    Step Up Dubai needs proficient hip hop dancers who can perform the Tramp Wall. Please come to the audition with footage of your trampoline work and be prepared to learn an extensive hip hop combination.

    Specialty Acts

    Come prepared to show your special talent. We are looking for Comedy Jugglers, Fire Performers, and much more. Please come to the audition with a video link as there may not be time to watch all Specialty Acts in their entirety.

  • What do I need to bring on audition day?

    Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the audition time with a non-returnable photo and resume. Please also bring a copy of your passport (photo and information pages only)       

  • How long will the audition take?

    At registration you will receive an audition number and be given an indication at what time you will go into the audition room.

    All call backs will take place on same day as the audition and if successful the performer will be finally called back to the on boarding process late in the day where they will be photographed and measured and attend an information session regarding contract details and living in Dubai. This should finish no later than 7pm.

  • How old do I have to be?

    Dubai Parks and Resorts employees must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid passport with at least six months validity.

  • How long are the contracts?

    Most of the Dubai Parks and Resorts contracts are for 13 months but more info will be shared at the auditions.

  • What do I need to wear to the audition?

    Wear form fitting dance attire that allows for full range of movement and wear appropriate dance shoes for any style of choreography.

  • When do I need to come to the audition?

    As our auditions are open calls, it is essential you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the posted audition time. Allow yourself extra time to locate the audition venue. For auditions in India, please visit the Wizcraft site for more details.

  • Where can I find more info on Dubai Parks and Resorts?
  • What if I want to work in Entertainment but not as a performer?

    Please check out our Careers Website at http://careers.dubaiparksandresorts.com/. Here you can find info on all of our jobs like Stage Management and Theatrical Technician positions.